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YOU AND YOUR SELFIES portfolio This selfie culture unnerves me. Not with teens, that's a whole different thing, but every time a friend posts a selfie of herself, I think, oh dear, she's at crisis point. She needs to keep seeing her image, know she exists, she feels her life is nothing...that she is fading away.

When my husband was diagnosed with death, our daughter was 20 weeks old. I was the last person on the planet equipped to be a single parent, let alone exist without him, and I started to take photos of myself obsessively. It was an excuse to get dressed, an excuse not to get dressed, it was proof I hadn't disappeared.... been buried with him.

— Paula Rae Gibson
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what are you doing forever portfolio he asked me one year into our friendship and three weeks into our romance 'what are you doing forever'
we only had seven years together, but we were rarely apart at all during that time, writing together , sharing every breath like kissing fish we would say, feeding each other oxygen. his last words were' can you go now, I'm embarassed I'm going to die' . he had been given six months to live and lasted 2 and a half years after every treatment possible. i was left, never the same again, but what can i say 13 years on, still so full of our love, it's what keeps me going ,along with my daughter and the loveliest people in my life thanks to where my photos and music have taken me.
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CARLOS, HE DIDN'T KNOW HIS NAME portfolio Not many i guess would have been as delighted as me to win a prize with Revela-T that meant access to a mental home in Spain. I was floored by the experience though. For all I knew, the people in there were widows ,like me.....driven to insanity because of love, or even by the fact the world can be so loveless and more painful for those sensitive, that is with their senses still feeling. I struggled with the knowledge of the drugs it took to keep all appearing so called calm, took few photos, all of which have haunted me ever since- what can my taking a few photos do for them? Where are the beautiful answers ? Less drugs more talking therapy, surely....